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Why do CoolBot® images show the temperature as 34?

CoolBot ProThe CoolBot® is manufactured in the USA by Store It Cold. Tim Peel Agencies trading as CoolBot® South Africa is the licensed distributor of CoolBot® products for Southern Africa.

In the USA, Fahrenheit is the way temperature is measured. This is why you may see images of the CoolBot® with temperature readings of 36º. This is 36ºF (Fahrenheit). This equates to 2.2º C (Cecius)

You are able to proramme your CoolBot® to show the temperature either as Fahrenheit or Celcius.

Here is a quick and simple way to convert Fahrenheit to an approximate Celcius equivalent.

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How The CoolBot Works

Requirements for a CoolBot Installation

A Wi-Fi enabled CoolBot Pro

A room insulated to a value of R25

A compatible Digitally-Controlled Window or Mini-Split A/C Unit

An available Wi-Fi network and internet connection (if using Wi-Fi and app features)


CoolBot Standard

Standard CoolBotThe CoolBot helps customers save by utilizing the cooling power of a standard air-conditioner to drop the room temperature as low as 1°C, without freezing the air-conditioning fins.

What is required to develop this cooling system?

  1. An insulated room
  2. A standard window or minisplit air conditioner
  3. A CoolBot controller
CoolBot Standard
(Incl. 15% tax)

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