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About The CoolBot

CoolBot Pro design

When connected to a standard air-conditioner in an insulated room, a CoolBot can reduce the temperature to 1ºC at minimal cost.

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How It Works

How The CoolBot Works

 The CoolBot utilizes the cooling power of a standard air-conditioner to drop the room temperature as low as 1°C, without freezing the air-conditioning fins.

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CoolBot Uses

The CoolBot has numerous use applications

The CoolBot is a cost effective solution for any application where you need to keep products cool. Farmers, florists, mortuaries, breweries etc.

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Our Clients Say

2018-12-17, 09:19
“When I heard of this product, I thought that I needed to get one as I was tired of paying huge electricity costs for a standard cold room and now save over 40% in electricity charges.

Plus I was able to install this unit myself in the matter of minutes.

This unit is a game changer.” Said Steve of Shackleton Brewing Company .
Konrad B
2018-12-17, 09:20
I have had a CoolBot for about 10 years in my cold room on the farm and it has not missed a beat” said Konrad B of Winterton who was possibly one of the first CoolBot purchasers 10 years ago.

He also added “It works like a bomb.” That is a fantastic testimonial.

Features and Benefits of the CoolBot® Pro - Video

Explore the many uses of the Wifi enabled remotely controlled CoolBot® Pro below.

Ideal for farmers, hunters, florists, breweries, wineries, restaurants ... any business that needs to keep their products at a constant temperature which can be programmed to as low as 2ºC (34ºF)

CoolBot South Africa can assist you with purchasing the CoolBot® or CoolBot® Pro and provide complete cold room solutions to suit your needs.

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