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Tim Peel, the founder and owner of Tim Peel Agencies, has been involved in the Air conditioning and Refrigeration industry for 35 years and by chance Tim was looking at ways of using old airconditioners for chilling beer at a brewery. Every time that he looked at this product he thought it was not possible and after looking at all the positive and negative write-ups, he understood why this product works. The "Good Comments" that he read up about were from people using the Collbot and with success. Tim found the "Negative Comments" were sometimes untested comments or trying to achieve beyond the units capabilities. Tim spoke to CoolBot and arranged for the first trial unit to be sent to South Africa in November 2017.

We built the first coldroom 1200wide x 2400 long x 2400 high in 2 days in December 2017. The cold room was built by making our own panels and glueing the sheet metal to the polyurethane and using a standard Masonite door with glass inserted so you could see in. The 9000 BTU Mcquay airconditioner is 18 years old and works perfectly. That is testimony in itself how well the CoolBot works from storing kegs of beer to storing 4 large wild pigs brought in after freshly being shot. The room was down to temperature within 2 hours whereas the refrigeration trailer evaporator coil iced up and only 10 hours later got down to temperature.

“The incredibly logical design of the CoolBot chills the room but when the fin temperature is getting too low then the system goes into defrost. Also added features are variable defrost periods as well as intervals between defrost that makes this product so powerful and easy to use.”

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