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Cam Lock Cold Rooms from CoolBot South Africa

Our Cam Lock Cold Rooms have the following features which put cold rooms into another category:

  • Assemble in approximately 1 Hour
  • 0,5 mm PPGI (Pre-Painted Galvanised Iron)
  • 0,3 mm Blue PVC protection on inner and Outer surface
  • Clearly labeled panels
  • 100 mm poly-urethane quality insulation 150 mm freezer panels also available
  • Easy to handle section
  • No tools required-(8mm Allen Key supplied)
  • Easy to transport and re-locate

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Reefer Container Conversion to store fruit at 4ºC

Reefer container with CoolBot ProIn South Africa we say in Afrikaans, "n Boer maak 'n Plan" translated to English "a farmer makes a plan".

CoolBot South Africa, owned by Tim Peel is an expert at finding creative cooling and heating solutions at very affordable prices.

In this case, he took a standard 6 metre Reefer container without refrigeration. 

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CoolBot® South Africa helps Angolan Entrepreneurs

Angola cold room with air conditioner and CoolBotCoolBot® South Africa is helping Angolan entrepreneurs to build permanent cold rooms.

In 2019 Tim Peel the owner of CoolBot® South Africa, contacted This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Antonio from Luanda, Angola. They started chatting online about all the advantages and features of the CoolBot®. Sergio and Antonio got really excited at the opportunities that they could explore and took a bold step and travelled to Durban, South Africa to physically experience Tim’s permanent cold room, a moveable Cam Lock cold room and trailer, each fitted with a CoolBot®.

As they brainstormed ideas, the realisation of the wide range of customers whose businesses would benefit from using a CoolBot®, they rushed back to Angola and got busy building their own cold room so that they could show potential customers what can be achieved at minimal cost.

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Cold Rooms

A Cold Room can be supplied in DIY form or built on site

To complement the CoolBot we are able to offer the Cold Room package.