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Reefer container with CoolBot ProIn South Africa we say in Afrikaans, "n Boer maak 'n Plan" translated to English "a farmer makes a plan".

CoolBot South Africa, owned by Tim Peel is an expert at finding creative cooling and heating solutions at very affordable prices.

In this case, he took a standard 6 metre Reefer container without refrigeration. 

Tim installed 2 evaporator coils with a 2 1/2 HP compressor and the CoolBot Pro with its WIFI capability, which is controlled and monitored remotely.

Changing any refrigeration system to operate with a CoolBot Pro and the controller, makes it so easy for the client.

This Reefer operates off 220v mains supply and can be plugged in anywhere.

The room is set to 4º Celcius for the storage of fruit.

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