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Standard CoolBotThe CoolBot helps customers save by utilizing the cooling power of a standard air-conditioner to drop the room temperature as low as 1°C, without freezing the air-conditioning fins.

What is required to develop this cooling system?

  1. An insulated room
  2. A standard window or minisplit air conditioner
  3. A CoolBot controller


Reduced Upfront Costs

A CoolBot and a standard A/C unit is 83% more cost-effective than traditional technology, saving customers thousands of rands on their refrigeration equipment.

Lower Operating Costs

A CoolBot-driven system uses up to 42% less electricity than the traditional technology, helping customers save on big monthly electricity bills

Business Growth

Without the complexities and costs involved in traditional cooling systems, CoolBot helps small to medium size businesses save money and grow their offerings more effectively.

National regulator for compulsory specifications (NRCS)

You can view our NRCS Letter of authority by pdfclicking here.


CoolBot Standard
(Incl. 15% tax)