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CoolBot coldroomIf you need to keep your products at a constant cool temperature whether for brewing, storage or while in transit and you don't have the money to build or purchase a traditional walk-in cold room, going the CoolBot® route which is wifi enabled for remote control using a mobile app is a no-brainer.

If you don't have wifi - no problem. You can manually control the CoolBot® 

An appropriately sized airconditioner (click here to download our spec sheet) with a CoolBot® Pro is much less expensive than a traditional walk in cold room compressor.

You will save electricity as when the desired temperature has been reached, the CoolBot® is programmed to switch off the air conditioner.

More than 50 000 CoolBot®s have been sold worldwide since 2006.

Watch the video below to see who uses the CoolBot® and how it has changed their businesses.

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