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Completed Cold RoomThis Coldroom is Brand New and unused - it only has a few minor imperfections 50

  • 2400 wide x 2400 long x 2400 high
  • 80 mm DV40 polyurethane insulation with 0.5 PPGI cladding
  • Plastic coated panels for transit
  • 900 mm wide x 2000 high doors
  • Conduit for Light switch moulded into panel with switch point
  • No floor
  • Angle trims, pop rivets and sealer provided


Special Price R 18 000.00 plus VAT (R20 700 incl VAT)

(Normal Price R 23 655.00 plus VAT) (27 203.25 incl VAT)

Available Kloof, KZN - Excludes shipping

Add a wifi enabled CoolBot Pro for only R7900 including VAT

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Imagine not having to travel to site to check that your coldroom is working.

CoolBot ProManage the temperature of your coldroom simply by doing the following:

  • Access the CoolBot Pro App on your mobile phone
  • Go to the Status page and press edit
  • Set the desired temperature by moving the slider
  • Press SAVE and you are done!
(Incl. 15% tax)

Standard CoolBotThe CoolBot helps customers save by utilizing the cooling power of a standard air-conditioner to drop the room temperature as low as 1°C, without freezing the air-conditioning fins.

What is required to develop this cooling system?

  1. An insulated room
  2. A standard window or minisplit air conditioner
  3. A CoolBot controller
(Incl. 15% tax)